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How SpeedBall Camera works

Detailed instructions are supplied with the camera. Below is just a brief overview.
You can download a setup and placement diagram here to show how we recommend you set up the Speedball Camera.

Although our focus is on providing a fun, convenient, inexpensive event attraction, SpeedBall is also suitable for use at major sporting events, meeting professional standards for accurately measuring ball speed.

  1. Hit any ball - Cricket, Tennis, Golf, Baseball etc...
  2. Camera calculates speed based on player’s thrust.
  3. Speed is displayed similar to many sporting events seen on T.V. It accurately measures speed within a 100 metre proximity.


SpeedBall Camera is easy to set up

Simply place the SpeedBall Camera at the centre line behind the fence for protection. SpeedBall Camera will pick up each serve coming from either end of the court. The Speed Display Screen can be placed up to 300 metres away from the Camera and will show each speed instantly.

We recommend placing the camera behind the players to avoid damage but it can also be placed in front.

SpeedBall Camera can be used in a small indoor area too. A cage can be provided at extra cost but is not essential.